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    Moodle FAQ



    What are the main features of this version of Moodle?

    Click here to view a short presentation of Moodle 2


    What do I do if I've forgotten my login details?
    Send us an email at making sure that you include your full name and your student number if you know it. We can then send you back your username and a temporary password which you can use to log in with. Once logged on you will be prompted to change your password to something more secure / memorable.


    How do I find my courses?
    Once you log on, scroll down past the News forum to the main section labelled "My Courses". To select a course, simply click on the subject title. 


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    How do I find/contact my Course teacher?
    Under each Course title in the main section list labelled "My Courses", all the teachers are listed.
    To send a message to a teacher, simply click on their name and then click on  the "Send a Message" link at the bottom of their profile:


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    How can I change my password and other details?
    Once logged on, use the Administration block to change your profile:


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    What format do I use for my assigments?

    If you are using Microsoft Word ensure to save the document as a "Word 97-2003" document. This is currently the most widely used format used by all the teachers.

    If you are unfamiliar with Microsoft Word or would like some help then visit this web site: Microsoft Word Tutorial


    If you are using Open Office ensure you save the document as a "Microsoft Word 97" document:


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    How do I label my assignments?
    The person marking your assignment may not be the actual teacher and may be marking assignments from different courses and students. Because of this, there is a labelling convention for assignments:

    Course Code_Student Number_Assignment Name.doc



    The Course Code can be found at the top of the Course page and your Student Number is the username you used to log on:


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    How do I submit my assignment online?
    Once you have selected your course, click on the assignment title:


    To upload your assignment click [Add submission]. Initially all uploads are treated as "Submission Drafts". 


    Once your documents have been uploaded they may be changed (Click [Edit Submission] button) before finally submitting them for marking (Click [Submit Assignment]).

    NOTE: Once documents are submitted for marking they cannot be changed or retrieved.


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    Where can I see my grades?
    Once you have selected the course, in the Administration block select "Grades". There are two types of reports available: "User Report" - Shows your grades for the current course and "Overview Report" which shows a summary of your grades for all your courses.


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