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    Welcome to Alphacrucis!

    We trust that your time of learning at AC will be both inspiring and enjoyable. 

    This site is designed to get you started with your studies at Alphacrucis College. Work through each of the lessons below in number order.

    For more detailed information on your studies, please download the Student Handbook for your course here.

  • 1. Welcome to Alphacrucis

  • 2. Using Moodle

    Your next step is to learn how to navigate around Moodle, your online destination for all your learning. If you ever want to get in touch with the Alphacrucis team just hit the blue button in the bottom right-hand corner of moodle or email: studentsupport@ac.edu.au 

    Watch the two 5 minute videos below to get an introduction to Moodle

  • 3. Assignments

    During your studies, it is very important to remember that assignment submission is your responsibility. Make sure you familiarise yourself with due dates for all your assignments. Late submissions can lead to failing an assignment.

    Watch the videos below so that you understand how to submit your assignments on Moodle, as well as access feedback...

  • 4. Library & Online Resources

    The library on your campus has hundreds of books to help you learn and write your assignments. Your librarian is a very valuable person to get to know; they are great at helping students research. AC students can also access local, state and national libraries. In addition to physical libraries students also have access to online journal databases.Please watch these videos and then apply for access to libraries and eJournals...

  • 5. Administration Matters

    The Student Support Team are here to serve you and ensure that you get from your first subject, all the way through to your graduation. Some useful links can be found below. If you ever want to get in touch with this team just hit the blue button in the bottom right-hand corner of moodle or email: studentsupport@ac.edu.au 

  • 6. Study Skills

    Study! You will become pretty good at it over the course of your time with AC. Here is a very helpful page on Moodle that you can always use to help you with your studies:

    Study Skills

    It is also essential that you understand plagiarism and how to reference. There is a quiz you must complete before you do any assessments in your degree. Go to this page to learn about plagiarism and referencing and to take the plagiarism quiz:

    Referencing and Plagiarism

    • 7. Student Life and Services

    • Feedback

      We would love to get feedback on this induction and any suggestions for improvement. As your last activity in this induction, please take a short moment to click on the feedback link below... see you in class!