Learning and Assessment Strategies

AC courses are assessed under the competency based training and assessment criteria established under the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). Whilst the specific assessment detail is spelt out in each unit outline, the following principles apply to the assessment of all units:
  • Learning strategies and assessment have been devised in consultation with industry representatives. This includes the relevant Industry Skills Councils who wrote the Training Package, Work Placement Venues who has expressed interest in taking on students, Industry associations and associations wherein Alphacrucis College is a member.
  • Competency based assessment is vocationally oriented and skills based.
  • AC assessment will be directed to ensure that students are able to show evidence of satisfactorily achieving each outcome (or competency) established in the unit outline. Students will receive a 'Competent' (COM) or a 'Not Yet Competent' (NYC) as the outcome of the unit. Each unit or module contains several item of assessment.
  • At the beginning of the module, students are told the context and purpose of the assessment and how they will be assessed. When appropriate, flexible assessment arrangements will be organised to help them complete the course.
  • When training is to occur in the workplace (as is the case especially with field training modules), the nature of that training and assessment will be negotiated with the relevant employer. Alphacrucis has established agreements with these employers to ensure that there are clear guidelines adhered to when receiving student work placements for Alphacrucis College.
  • All Alphacrucis College trainers and assessors will have the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110) or its equivalent. On occasions a subject specialist may conduct assessment with a qualified assessor.
  • Students are provided with feedback on the outcomes of their assessment.
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