Vocational Placements

A vocational Placement is the opportunity for the student to be placed in a work environment to provide practical training and experience as part of the course.
In Queensland this vocational placement is recognised by the Queensland Department of Education and Training.

1. Arranging the Placement
Students who enrol with the college will discuss their options for a vocational placement. This will include:
  • - Skills
  • - Goals
  • - Location
  • - Availability
  • The college will then negotiate a placement best suited for the student.
  • Students who have a preferred organisation for their placement must make this known and the College will do it best to help establish a placement with this organisation. The college will ensure that the organisation has the appropriate resources to provide supervision and training for the vocational placement.
Vocational Placement Agreement
Once the placement location has been confirmed a Vocational Placement Agreement will need to be signed. This agreement defines the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in the placement, including:
- the college;
- the student; and
- the placement person (mentor).

The placement person

The placement person is the person responsible for the supervision and training of the student during the placement. They cannot be a prohibited person. A student can have more than one placement person, one agreement will need to be signed with each placement person. A placement person can have more than one student, one agreement will need to be signed with each student. The placement person must complete a vocational placement induction. If this cannot be conducted face-to-face, an online option will be available.

Amending a vocational placement agreement

A vocational placement agreement cannot be amended, with the exception of the correction of minor or typographical errors or omissions.

Cancelling a vocational placement agreement

A student, RTO or placement person under a vocational placement agreement may cancel the agreement at any time by signed notice to the other parties to the agreement. The cancellation takes effect when the notice is given, unless the person giving the notice agrees to a later time.
If at any time the student or placement person would like to make a complaint about the placement they should direct their complaint to the college campus director. If they are unhappy with the decision they can submit a formal complaint as set out in the Complaints and Grievances policy.

Training Plan
A training plan will be established before the commencement of the placement. It must be agreed to and signed by all parties; college, student and placement person. The training plan outlines the skills the student will develop during this vocational placement.
The training plan may be changed if all parties agree to the change. If the vocational placement agreement is cancelled, then the training plan will end on the same day.

Students undertaking short vocational placements (under 240 hours) are not entitled to be paid.


In general students are not expected to complete more than 6.5 hours of vocational placement each week of the college calendar (36 weeks in total). Vocational placement should be provided during normal working hours. If some hours are required outside of the normal work hours, this needs to be agreed to in the training plan.

Students must attend the agreed number of hours each week. Attendance will be recorded on the Placement log sheet and presented to the college each week. Failure to meet 80% of the attendance requirements could result in a Not Yet Satisfactory for related assessment items.

While working within the bounds of the vocational placement agreement and training plan, students are covered by the college's insurance.

2. Monitoring the Placement
Once the training plan and vocational placement agreements are signed and submitted to the college, students can commence the vocational placement.

Training plan
Students will need to take responsibility completing and checking the assigned tasks during the placement. This includes meeting with the placement person to sign off completed tasks. The student and placement person can negotiate time to meet to tick off items on the training plan.
Once the training plan is complete, it should be submitted to the college.

Portfolio items
During this vocation placement, the student will be required to complete some activities or portfolio items. The student is responsible for completing all items and submitting to the college within the expected time.

End of placement report
At the end of the placement an End of Placement Report will be completed by both the student and placement person. This report is designed to gather information on how well the placement worked and identify areas for improvement where necessary.

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